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Hulett Airport - Ready for Takeoff


An airport that was in the making for 10 years officially opened on October 3rd 2003.  The Hulett Municipal Airport is Crook Countyís only airport and would be a great facility to fly into to visit the Nationís First National Monument Devils Tower, which is located only 9 miles from the facility. 

The general aviation airport has a  5,500 foot long runway and is capable of handling aircraft such as the Cessna Citation 11 and 111 series.  It is predicted that most of the activity will be single-engine type aircraft.  The Hulett airport is a full fledged facility and aircraft can land at anytime on the lighted facility.

The Hulett airport not only has the distinction of the being the first airport in Crook County but probably  one of the last airports to be built in Wyoming and in the entire country.

The airport board finalized  acquiring a fueling system in April which has  Avgas available through a self-serve pump.   There is a maintenance shop that houses a pilots lounge, bathrooms and office.

The airport which is situated 2 miles from Hulett is a great place to fly into and enjoy the wonders of Crook County.  Whether it be visiting Devils Tower or the many other attractions in the county, this airport could make your trip  convenient when coming to  visit Wyoming.



ADDRESS                             253 TOWER VIEW DRIVE


ELEVATION                                   4262

UNICOM                                         122.8

PHONE NUMBER                         307-467-5771

AWOS                                              307-467-5575

                                                          VHF  128.775

                                                          UHF  453.0625

RUNWAY LENGTH                      5500 FEET

WIDTH                                            75 FEET